Tillsonburg and Evans Fire are a Professional Fire Protection Inspection and Certification Company conducting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliant Services to Inspect, Test, Maintain, Repair and Certify all your Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. All NFPA-12, 13, 17A  Commercial Kitchen Fire System Inspections are required to be conducted by a trained Fire Equipment Technician every Six (6) Months to remain in Compliance. We provide expert services to ensure your Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, Food Truck Fire Systems and Food Service Concession Stand Fire Systems will function properly when it is necessary to fight Kitchen Fires and save lives.

    We do this by resolving any current Violations and Planning ahead by Designing Effective Kitchen Suppression Systems or Retrofitting Currently Installed Systems. Yet, the optimal way to ensure a Business is always Compliant is to conduct regularly scheduled Inspections having all their Kitchen Fire Systems Maintained by a Trained Fire Equipment Service like us.


    Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services in Southern Ontario

    • Restaurant Kitchen Fire Systems: Inspection, Recharge, Testing, Maintenance & Certification

    • Food Truck Fire Systems: Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Testing, Maintenance & Certification

    • Food Service Concession Stand Fire Systems: Inspection, Testing, Maintenance & Certification



    Most Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Fire Protective Systems are Automatic Fire Suppression Systems installed directly over the commercial cooking equipment in Kitchens which is installed within the large Exhaust Hoods used to extract the hot oil and grease fumes produced during meal preparation. Due to the continued exposure of hot oils and grease moving through the exhaust fan, the Kitchen's Fire System can quickly become coated with oils and grease. This also leads to clogging and sometimes a complete blockage of the systems spray nozzles which can cause a reduction or stoppage of the nozzles ability to release the Extinguishing Agent when the fire suppression system is activated by the heat of a fire and will greatly hinder the system's ability to eliminate the fire possibly causing large amounts of unnecessary damage or a loss of the building.

    Tillsonburg and Evans Fire have highly trained Technicians who are experts in providing a Full Suite of Services to help Restaurant, Mobile Commercial Kitchen, Food Truck and Concession Stand Business Owners with the NFPA-12, 13, 17A & UL 300 Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspections, Maintenance, Testing and Compliance Certification.


    The Business Owner should have regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance servicing to ensure that the Kitchen Fire System is always operational and capable of extinguishing an unexpected fire. Part of the Semi-Annual Inspection will also include a complete Fire Suppression System Test to ensure that the system is truly functioning as designed. This will function test will also test the Heat Detectors and Fuse Linksbehind the Exhaust Hood in the Grease Filters.

    • Six (6) Month Fire Code Compliance Inspections
    • Regular Scheduled Preventative Maintenance & Servicing
    • System Design Planning, Retrofit & Redesign Services
    • New Restaurant Suppression System Installation Services
    • 24 Hour Emergency Repair & Replacement Services

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